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How to choose a Business Projector and an Educational Projector?


 How to choose a Business Projector and an Educational Projector?(图1)

Hotus Technology HT1500 Interactive Projector is a projector tailored for elites in the business and education world.

1. If you are buying for yourself or sending to your friends as a gift.

Our HT1500 projectors could help you if you were an employee of the company when you have a Quarterly Summary Meeting, or If you were the entrepreneur of the company who wants to present your team's values and solutions in front of VCs for new investment, or, if you were a teacher at your school who usually need to explain difficult problems to your hardworking students.

(1) Write and record at any time for easy display and modification

You can use your pen to write and erase on a white wall or electronic whiteboard. What's more, the content written on the wall can be saved directly as a picture.

(2) Freely switch between audio communication and video communication.

With a built-in 360°digital microphone pickup array and an ultra-wide-angle 360°rotating high-definition camera, the HT1500 can easily record the meeting process, or classroom teaching content, or hold an online conference call (Zoom meeting, Skype meeting, etc.).

2.If you are a distributor

   If you are a distributor operating some electronic whiteboards, mini computers, LCD projector, Android projector and other display products, then our products will be your first choice products if you are planning to expand your product lines to develop more customers and market share.

(1) Avoid fierce competition in the mainstream market

Compared with projectors with built-in Android system on the market, our HT1500 can better meet the needs of users, such as large storage space and normal use in business scenarios without networking. Our engineers pre-install Windows 10 system, Intel Core 10th generation i5 processor, 8GB+1TB Storage. In addition, it can also bring you a good viewing experience because the projection ratio is 0.8:1 (that means, a distance of 1.5 meters can project an 85-inch screen).

(2) Products with lower energy consumption and more cost-effective

Compared with LCD projection technology, DLP projection technology can greatly reduce the power consumption of projectors. At the same time, our developers choose TI 0.47'' DMD optical chip, Ricoh lens, imported optical machine and OSRAM 4LED light source RGB-BP. Our light source has a lifespan of 25,000 hours, which can support you to work normally for 8 hours a day for 8 years of continuous use. Maybe it will be a great booster for your career, or a very good partner in your 8 years life.

(3)Customization service would be available

As the first source manufacturer of designing and massively manufacturing the DLP Windows Projector, which have made strategic cooperation with Microsoft and cooperated with many hotels and famous buildings in the world, like Inter Continental Hotels Group PLC(IHG), etc. All of our products are strictly produced according to the standard of ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 & BSCI, and the FCC, CE, ROHS certificate are also available. Any related custom requirements could be discussed by our team. 

Welcome to request more products details if you have any interest, or contact the sales consultant email, they would offer the suitable products and solution for you within 30 minutes at working time, 3 hours at non-working time.