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Mini Portable Projector

Model: H2

Type: DLP Projector

System: Windows 10

CPU: Intel Atom quad-core processor

Brightness: 350 ANSI Lumens

Resolution: 720P,Support 1080P/2K/4K

Focus: Auto Focus

Usage Scenarios: Business travel, outdoor, office, Meeting Room, home


Lead time: 20-35 days

FOB Port: ShenZhen

Small Orders: Accepted

Main Export Markets:

Europe,North America,Australasia,Asia,Central/South America,Mid East/Africa

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  • Product Details

This is a unique and popular portable projector, its biggest feature is the two-in-one computer projection and the use of windows system, it is the only product in the market.

Mini Portable Projector(图1)

Hotus H2 is a portable business projector and also a mini computer with windows 10 system, which is exactly the same in use as the usual windows system computer. The Hotus H2 portable DLP(What is DLP, 3LCD, CRT ?) projector is equipped with an Intel Atom quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of EMMC storage, which is fast and has more than enough storage capacity. It is fully capable of meeting daily business use.

Mini Portable Projector(图2)

The Hotus H2 portable business projector is inspired by books and is about the same size as a common notepad or book, so it can be carried in your pocket anywhere, anytime, and it weighs less than two 350ml bottles of Coke combined. It comes with a 10,000 mAh lithium battery, enough to support use in the office, outdoors, cafes and other places, and can also be used as a mobile power supply for mobile devices to replenish power. Now let's take a look at the Hotus H2 portable projector's specific parameters.

Mini Portable Projector(图3)

Mini Portable Projector(图4)

Portable design 

Hotus H2 portable DLP projector is small and light, only 21.4*14.2*2.5cm (the size of half A4 paper), 735 grams, suitable for carrying and putting into a handbag, light weight, suitable for carrying when traveling. These photos below are actual photos taken on different occasions, and the performance is strong while being easy to carry.

Mini Portable Projector(图5)

Standard resolution

Standard native resolution of 1280*720P is used, and 4K and 1080P video playback is supported. In fact the Hotus H2 portable projector is a screen-less computer, so all the features supported on the computer are fully supported on the H2 as well.

Mini Portable Projector(图6)

Projection distance and projection size

The projection screen size can range from 20 inches to 200 inches. The projection ratio is 1.1:1 short focus type , the best viewing screen size is 70-80 inches, and the best distance for projection is 1.7 meters to 2.3 meters.

Mini Portable Projector(图7)

Projection mode.



With a brightness of 350 ANSI lumens, projected pictures and videos are still clear without the need to pull the curtain. 350 ANSI lumens is bright enough? Perhaps you could take a look at this article: Would the brightness of projector higher, the projector be better?

Mini Portable Projector(图8)

Focusing and Keystone Correction

Auto focus to make the projected picture clear in 1 second, auto keystone correction vertical ±40°.

Mini Portable Projector(图9)

Extended Interface 

HDMI, USB2.0*1,USBA3.0*1,3.5mm audio jack, you can connect other computers and transfer files through the USB port. Other computers can also display the screen through the HDMI port input. Tip: But the screen of the projector cannot be output to other machines.

Bluetooth and 2.4&5Ghz dual-band WiFi 

Mini Portable Projector(图10)

Bluetooth version 4.2 can be connected to other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, with WiFi connection to access the Internet. With the Bluetooth link to the mouse and keyboard, Hotus H2 can be busy on switching from projection mode to computer mode, and can also make changes to the presentation instantly during the presentation to the client.

Mini Portable Projector(图11)


Equipped with two 2-watt embedded waterproof speakers, you can not only experience the fun of movies and music, but also make your business presentations more fleshed out without the need to link additional speaker devices.


Built-in 3.7V 10000mAh lithium battery, fully charged can support the use of about 120 minutes . It can support the power demand in outdoor or encounter unexpected situation, and also can be used as a rechargeable battery to power mobile devices.

The Hotus H2 portable projector is equal to a mini computer, a portable projector, a rechargeable battery and a speaker, Hotus is the first brand to combine computer and projector into one and the first brand to apply windows system to projection.

Mini Portable Projector(图12)

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