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smart touch interactive projector

  • Model: HT1500

  • Type: DLP Projector

  • System: Windows 10

  • CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i5

  • Brightness: 2000 ANSI Lumens

  • Resolution: 2K/4K

  • Focus: Auto Focus

  • Usage Scenarios: Schools, early education centers, training institutions, home education


  • Lead time: 20-35 days

  • FOB Port: ShenZhen

  • Small Orders: Accepted

  • Main Export Markets:

  • Europe,North America,Australasia,Asia,Central/South America,Mid East/Africa

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  • Product Details

Win10 system

HOUTS HT1500 interactive touch projector, equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, with DDR 8GB large running memory, 512GB/1TB large storage, the performance is fully improved, easily meet the needs of classroom interaction, experimental simulation, video lectures and other multi-scene teaching needs.

Intel Processors

HOUTS HT1500 interactive touch projector, smart touch, smart teaching, up to ten points of touch interaction technology, 1mm high-precision touch, 6MS writing delay, enjoy a superb touch writing experience, can support simultaneous multi-writing, to meet the needs of real teaching scene lectures, not only to avoid the health damage brought to teachers and students because of chalk dust, but also without the shortcomings of traditional projection can not interact, can make The classroom becomes more vivid and interesting.

Ten-point touch technology

HOTUS HT1500 interactive touch projector supports 360-degree immersion teaching: 360-degree virtual surround sound, presenting powerful bass and shocking sound field, making teachers and students feel as if they are in the concert hall scene, in addition, HT1500's virtual simulation laboratory, simulating physics, chemistry, biology experimental scenes, with touch interactive system, doing experiments in an interactive way, is the scenario teaching becomes It is no longer confined to the teacher's verbal expression, and brings a new experience of teaching for teachers and students.

Tone quality

HOTUS HT1500 interactive touch projector is equipped with Windows 10 pure system, which supports a large amount of teaching software/resources to download, effectively relieving teachers' pressure in preparing lessons and enriching students' extra-curricular knowledge, as well as installing various office software, browsers and social software like a computer. Support for Bluetooth, wired, WIFI, 4G traffic card connection keyboard and mouse and network.


Smart whiteboard, smart writing


Any interface, any endorsement


Palm erasure, multiple ways to erase at will


Teaching assistant, teaching tools, call at any time

Teaching Software

Germany Osram LED light source, pendulum presentation as wonderful

HOTUS HT1500 touch interactive projector with 2000ANSI lumens, 30,000 hours light source life, 33.3% brightness improvement, the projected image has 4 times the surprise quality of Full HD 1080P, the new anti-dazzle design, so that students on both sides of the classroom to get rid of light reflection interference, restore the true visual experience.

LED light

Diffuse reflection imaging to protect teachers and students' vision health

HT1500 education-specific projector adopts diffuse reflection imaging principle to avoid direct light into the eyes, no high brightness, no strobe refresh, soft and natural imaging, effectively protecting children's eyesight and giving them a bright future.

Diffuse projection

Zero-perception screen speed correction, more efficient classroom teaching

Four-point trapezoid correction, support for side projection, 2-second auto-focus, faster, more accurate, more intelligent than manual, electric focus, the classroom moves the machine, the picture is always square and clear.

Trapezoid correction

Super large screen, beyond color, to create an immersive interactive classroom

50-150 inches adjustable at will, compatible with 4K HD resolution with high color gamut, perfect restoration of teaching content, easy to create an immersive classroom teaching.

08:1 transmittance ratio, 178 degrees wide viewing angle, 5000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, DLP digital optical processing technology

360 degree rotating HD camera, assistant education cloud era

Built-in HD wide-angle camera and digital microphone array, 6 meters long-distance pickup, the classroom and students can easily interact as if they were in the same classroom.

Rotating camera

Five lenses

Five lenses

Easy networking, teaching is not limited

HOTUS HT1500 touch interactive projector supports various networking methods such as wireless WIFI, wired network and 4G traffic card, so the network is not limited and teaching is not dropped.


All-scene application, more comprehensive learning

HOTUS HT1500 touch interactive projector is suitable for schools, early education centers, training institutions and other applicable scenarios, which is more interesting than traditional teaching methods.

Full-scene teaching

Smart remote control, stress-free classroom interaction

HT1500 Touch Interactive Projector adopts 2.4G wireless technology, 360 degree all-round free presentation, air mouse technology, one key to turn off the screen, no need to align with the control at ease, easily realize web browsing, PPT courseware presentation and other operations.

Remote Control

Rich interface, easy to link, HT1500 teaching projector to meet your needs of various teaching scenarios.

Quickly enter teaching mode with no ads on

Support cell phone, IPAD and computer with the same screen

Equipped with windows 10 system, strong compatibility

One key shutdown, turn off the light machine at any time, easy energy saving

Support 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI, support gigabit network

Bluetooth 4.2 technology, free to link external Bluetooth devices, faster and smoother connection speed

Built-in MStar intelligent chip, compatible with 2K/4K video, play more smoothly

Support laser pointer page turning, can link to various brands of laser page turning pens, PPT presentation more efficient

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